A Bamboo Shamiana

This project is a part of Deepak Arora's undergraduate thesis, that has been awarded second place at the Delhi Architecture Festival 2016
Mentored by Arthur Duff
8 December 2017

This project studies Bamboo Building Techniques as part of undergraduate thesis. The student experimented with the following building techniques in bamboo, to design and execute a temporary bamboo structure as part of the research.

  • Tying and Pinning
  • Nut and Bolt


Site A venture of S.E.W.A, functioning as a commercial kitchen at Bodakdev, Ahmedabad.  The site was in an urban patch of the city and exposed to sun in all directions.

Program A semi-covered dining space with an existing set of furniture occupying 25 persons. The structure had to be built on a raised plinth covering an area of 500 sq. ft. approximately.

Aim of the exercise A natural building material has its own structural rules based on its physical characteristics which command the order of its applications. In case of Bamboo, the building techniques are developed using physical characteristics of the material. This project tries to understand and play on the natural characteristics of bamboo. For this particular study, the physical characteristics of Bamboo are identified as:

  • Presence of nodes and internodes
  • Uneven wall thickness
  • Irregular diameter
  • Variable length between poles


Material specifications In this project, Bambusa Nutans or Assamese bamboo is used for the structural frame. The average usable height of a pole is 18 ft. The above mentioned characteristics refer to this particular specie of bamboo and to bamboo as a building material in general.

This project competed against 280 entries and won second place at the Delhi Architecture Festival 2016