A Future for Baroda’s Past

by: Rutvi Patel
Instructors: Meghal Arya, Melissa Smith, Urvi Desai, Julia Setti
30 August 2016

The old city of Vadodara has a strong civic character around the lake Sursagar. In the same area sits the Khanderao Market, a grandiose building that was constructed by Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad III in 1906. The growing city has witnessed a shift in urban patterns of migration, trade, culture and art. These changes have had a direct impact on the identity and visual integrity of these historic buildings. An imbalance is created as extrovert spaces are unapproachable while introvert spaces, such as markets, become congested. On the road to socio-economic development it is necessary to develop conservation strategies that involve the public at different levels, creating new typologies of spatial functions that act as catalysts in rebuilding the lost glory of a historic building.

Adapting to the existing building language, this intervention builds on the idea of looking forward to the future as well as remembering the past, respecting the cultural significance of the city, getting involved in it and opening it out at a larger city level. An artistic approach towards the rejuvenation of this place will open new doors of public interaction over art and the history of the city. An attempt has been made to integrate the varied functions associated with this space and introducing new qualities to this place, making Khanderao a place for, of and by the people of Vadodara.