A Walk between the Planets

by: Sruti Prakasan
Instructors: Shrutie Tamboli, Farahbee Rahman
9 June 2017

Commissioned by Maharaja Sayaji Rao Gaekwad III, the Sayaji Baug garden was built and dedicated to the citizens of Vadodara in 1879. It stretches over 113 acres by the Vishwamitri river and was the largest garden of its time in west India. This project was among the country’s foremost attempts to bring modernization to its shores with technological masterpieces in the form of a planetarium, a museum, etc. It redefined public architecture through form and program. But with changing times, these buildings lost their charm and essence.

Cosmic Crate, A Journey to Space is a project that attempts to revive the lost essence of the Sardar Patel planetarium with a sharp and focused program and bold design interventions. It proposes that the old be replaced with an Educational Center for Astronomy that offers a dramatic fusion between technology and experience design. The project attempts to create a range of cosmic experiences in innovative settings that offer lessons in astronomy and stoke curiosity in young minds. By creating multiple viewpoints, the same space offers a different experience each time. This keeps the interiors dynamic and ensures the planetarium has a re-visit value, something that it sorely lacked previously. The play of light adds another dimension to this experience of - walking between planets and other cosmic elements.