Ahmedabad City Branding

By Anoop Khaujria, Manish Vadanere, Pragati Goyal, Rahul Patel, Tanya Gunjan, Tulsi Lashkari
Instructor: Dr. Mercy Samuel
14 June 2018

Branding cities and destinations is an emerging concept in India. It has been practiced in the past too but only in an informal way. Today city branding is being adopted by an increasing number of city authorities around the world and it is having a direct impact on the public and private sector. A place is dependent on its ‘reputation’ for almost everything in the modern world: tourism, foreign investment, the respect and interest of the international media, attracting talented immigrants and students, cultural exchanges etc.

This course focused on the city as a destination to be branded. It was made live by adopting Ahmedabad as the field of study. Ahmedabad is the first city in India to be inscribed in the UNESCO’s World Heritage City list (2017), which made the project more exciting. Students were made to explore the aspects of the brand promise viz-a-viz the brand deliverables. In the whole process the students designed an output in the form of a Visitor Management Plan for the famous heritage sites of Ahmadabad like- Dada Hari Ni Vav, Dhal Ni Pol, L.D. Museum etc. which is an important requirement to adhere to the brand promise of a world heritage city.




The unexplored place of Ahmedabad



Lens to the life of Amdavadis



Gateway to past


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