Bridge The Gap 2.0

An overview of the event
by Sejal Vasani
25 September 2015

On 19th September, 2015, Faculty of Technology, CEPT University, organised a bridge design competition called BRIDGE THE GAP 2.0. The competition in its second season provided students from all fields and academic levels, a platform to present their ideas in form of a model that can sustain load. The competition was judged by a highly experienced panel of eminent professionals from the field, namely:

  • Devang Patel, Joint Principal Consultant at SPECTRUM Techno Consultants Pvt. Ltd.
  • Shehzad Irani, Founder of Schafbock design workshop
  • J. H. Patel, Associate Engineer at Design Circle


When professionals, academicians and students of similar interest and diverse background converge, and their knowledge is put to test, the success or failure stories of each become a learning for all, such was the scenario at GIDC Bhavan. BRIDGE THE GAP 2.0 saw nationwide participation of students from various architectural and engineering institutes. The participants in groups of 3(maximum), had to design and make a truss bridge model out of ice-cream sticks following certain criteria as specified in the competition rulebook.

The designs were judged in 3 steps: firstly, a check of the dimensions and weight of the model to get qualified for the competition, next, a discussion with judges in form of a brainstorming questionnaire to gauge student’s understanding of their designs, followed by load testing of the models to check its strength and see the failure pattern. An arrangement of filling in sand in a bucket hung on the cantilever edge of the model enabled the measure of its load carrying capacity. The load was kept increasing till the bridge underwent bending /failure and gave away. The structural system, innovation in design, workmanship and aesthetics, load carrying capacity and the participant’s understanding of the design became important criteria for judgement.

An introductory session giving an overview of the event, judges and specifying general rules, marked the beginning of the competition, followed by the main event that witnessed participation of 34 teams, all equally excited and nervous at the same time. At the GIDC Bhavan, the atmosphere was equally exciting inside as the unexpected rains outside. The weather may have delayed their journey (as late participation was observed),but it did not seem to drown their spirits. The competition continued till late in the afternoon, paused only by a tea and snack break in-between.

Throughout the event, students were seen taking advantage of any opportunity that came by to have a constructive interaction with the acclaimed judges. Based on the judging parameters final results were announced. The team who won 1st prize received 7500/- prize money with their bridge carrying a load of 54.8 kg. The runner up team won rupees 4500/- . with load carrying capacity of 40.8 kg. A certificate of participation was provided to all the participants. The event was coordinated by Prof. Parth Thaker, Faculty of Technology, Cept University. In all, BRIDGE THE GAP 2.0 put forward a unique platform for exposure to a variety of innovative ideas; an opportunity for students and judges to diversify their pool of knowledge and understanding of structures.

Winner Team: Amol Shah, Mimansha Dalwadi, Harshit Soni (FT, Cept University)
Runner-up Team: Jeel Patel, Monark Patel (Gandhinagar Institute of Technology)

This competition was organized by a group of third year, undergraduate students at the Faculty of Technology, guided by their professor Parth Thaker.

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