Carving in Clay

Workshop, Summer School 2016
Instructor: Nehal Rachh
16 July 2016

At the ‘Carving in Clay’ Summer School workshop, Nehal Rachh introduced students to a few ways of creating sculptures by the Subtractive technique of ‘carving out’ from a volume of clay vs. the more commonly practiced Additive technique of ‘building up’ from scratch.

Each student started with sketching ideas and spent time learning a few carving and modelling techniques that helped them to execute a desired form.

Student Participants:
Rushikesh Wadnere
Dhwani Tiwari
Badatala Sowkhya
Tarun Khatana
Mohit Kokel
Anushka Kothari
Krunal Oza
Bhaumik Patel
Pratikkumar Patel
Vikas Patel
Aastha Shah
Tank Rajan
Drasti Patel
Dhruva Mitali
Payal Sajnani
Nandini Mohan