Exploring Art Direction

Winter school 2015
Instructor: Nilaoyy Nandi
2 September 2016

What is Art? How does one teach Art? Probably the simplest, and the only way to do this is to engage the student in experiences that provoke thought and questions, and an inward search for answers to these questions will leave a deep and unique imprint on each individual’s mind.

Visual Arts and Art Direction is made up of a lot of elements and details. Some of these one may be able to describe in words, others are more subtle and can only be read between the lines, revealed through personal experience. This particular course takes students from the concept phase to creating story boards (that includes visualizing and sketching) to final execution of a set within a given space, thereby giving students an experience of 2-D , 3-D and installation art.
Students experimented extensively with various materials, especially scrap to create these installations and they explored space within space to create illusions. The outcome was two large sets created in a mere two weeks, a music video which students composed , shot and recorded themselves, and a series of photographs  documenting their set design.