Exploring the White Space

by Amrit Narkar, Megha Jose and Sebastian Joseph
Instructor: Rajesh Sagara
18 February 2016

The students explore forms and colours on the Space (white space like paper, canvas, etc) by taking inspiration from the 20th century modern French artists like Picasso, Henri Matisse, and Jackson Pollock. They explored the liberty of using forms and colours through one’s own imagination.

Amrit Narkar’s sketches are inspired by ‘Bindu’ (dot) explored immensely by S.H.Raza along with reading about ‘Shunyata’ in Hinduism and Buddhism concept of ‘Zero’, evoked unique imagination which evolved the paintings. Few of the paintings were inspired by the Poems of Kabir and Rumi.

Megha Jose’s sketches are inspired by the techniques of Vincent Van Gogh in ‘Starry night’, two still life paintings are produced.

Sebastian Joseph used his own technique to portray Mother Teresa.

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