Geometry in Randomness

by: Kartik Turkhiya
Instructors: Gurjit Matharoo, Pratyush Shankar, Aditya Patel, Mansi Pandey
25 October 2016

The design, that reflects a certain freedom of form, is conceived on the basic concept ‘Random Geometry’ OR ‘Geometry in Randomness’. This concept is explored in the initial models where building curves are derived from triangles created by incipience points.



Where a sectional cut in the plan acts as a leftover piece of the plan. Sectional models create a design that is more sharp and geometric.


This studio interprets the character of institutions as an interplay among various factors. Contextual factors like site, surrounding and landscape are introduced, along with the development of an architectural language that emerges from the integration of design details with larger concepts. All these come through the program of an institution.