Growing with Plants

by Pragati Murathia, Prachi Nagar, Gaurav Mewara
Instructors: Komal Dighe, Manisha Basu
24 June 2016

This design studio revolves around the theme ‘learning through sensitive spaces for children’.

Student groups carried out a basic research in child psychology, studied the literary works of philosophers like Maria Montessori, Rudolf Steiner and J. Krishnamurthy, performed 5 minute skits based on an imaginary conversation between a child and philosopher, followed by site visits to various schools –  A for Apple, Riverside, Shreyas Foundation and MGIS.

Keen on creating a new space-quality and curriculum-typology in an institute for 3-6 yr. olds, this particular student group plays on the idea of making farming a part of school life and proposes a ‘farm at school’ as an ideal environment for a child’s early stages of growth. In this way the young one is exposed to the many techniques and processes involved in farming, in his formative years, when his power to observe and absorb is at its peak. He effortlessly grasps the processes, adopting them as a way of life, and hence, developing sensitivity and a sense of responsibility towards nature – an idea that is identified as the need of the hour by the student group.