Katum – Kutum

Winter School 2015
Instructors: Rahul Mukherjee, Pijush Patra
2 August 2016

Blending three art practices: Art of found objects, wood craft and contemporary toymaking with a fusion of various techniques, this workshop borrows its name from Katum Kutum, a term coined by Abanindranath Tagore, which means ‘crafted using found objects’. This is also the underlying theme of this workshop, that opened students’ minds towards the possibility of fusion of different materials and techniques, functional or non-functional, story based or utility based, etc.

The range of materials used was – wood, cloth, found objects, readymades, scrap, wires, paints etc.

Student participants:

Ishita P., Meghna, Neha S., Aditee P., Ekta S., Gowtham N., Keerthana S., Prakhar S., Yogesh P., Richa S., Shilpa J., Akash J., Srabanti D.