Light in Space

by: Kush Bansal, Rajvi Patel, Gaurav Mewara, Shivangi Panchal, Jinal Shah
Instructor: Kireet Patel
18 October 2016

The exercise – to explore different media to create imaginary masses of space, and then scoop out mass to create light in these spaces.

With charcoal for mass and eraser for light, students set out to sketch solid spaces, followed by using strokes of the eraser to bring in light to these dark spaces.  As a second exploration students created models of solid masses by stacking OHP sheets, one over the other, and then scooped out masses from the stack. The separated OHP sheets provided them with sequential plans of these imagined spaces. A certain geometry was derived out of these that was then converted to schematic plans and sections. Students also experimented with various rendering techniques on these drawings.

Apart from getting familiar with schematics, model-making and rendering, this studio sensitized students to different qualities of light.