Making of an Architecture Form

Winter School 2017
Instructor: Vicky Achnani
5 January 2018
This course, with an intense, hands-on undertaking, attempted to establish a relationship between material and form. This was done through articulation of forces, thereby enabling development of material systems by interaction of Rigid – (a) Linear : timber, bamboo and steel and (b) Planar : veneer, ply, timber and steel, and Flexible materials. Using both material stiffness & flexibility, either naturally present or induced using simple techniques of material manipulation, the ‘material system’ was developed as an assembly where the interaction of matter & energies computed form, driven by complex constraints & feedback from making environment & human interaction. In the process, material rather than being a passive receptor of form begins to act as an active generator of form. 
Design – Build – Prototype – Construct approach helped comprehend the behaviour of materials and their interrelationship, resulting in physical fabrication. The course went into the intricacies of Effective member cross sections (profile, orientation) of structural elements, Type of joints (pin, rigid), System behaviours under vertical and lateral loads (understood through push, pull and rotation of models)
The workshop enabled students to:
(1) Understand the concept of joinery through making. 
(2) Understand material behaviour and material property in relation to form. 
(3) Understand the significance of geometrical forms and joinery and its behaviour under applied force as a means of load transfer. 
(4) Devise sequence of construction & techniques of making 1:1.

Student participants: Amit Joseph Kurien, Trivedi Shashank Kapilrai, Naindeep Kaur, Devanshi Singhi, Nilanshi Agrawal, Parikh Poonam Deepak, Ujjvala Krishna, Chandni Chhabra, Rakshita Mohnot, Mandovara Tanvi Satyanarayan, Kavin Nehul Mehta, Aditi Bramhanand Agrawal.

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