Morphological Tectonics

Summer School 2016
Instructor: Joy Mondal
21 September 2016


The operative rule-set of Mondrian compositions can be extended to the deconstruction of any architectural typology (2D canvas becomes 3D cube and 1D lines become 2D planes) to generate infinite variations of any architectural typology. These act as the starting point for finer articulation of the geometry with design development.

Concept is translated into a built form through a series of operations, associations, transformations and iterations, collectively known as morphological exploration amounting to the process of design. 

This course looks at morphological exploration as a method, not an aesthetic style; as the complex inter-relationships of design variables, not complex shapes. 

Based on the variables, options are explored, by automating the process of exploration, similar in principle to the rapid doodles developed during early conceptual stage, the best option(s) are selected based on design performance indices, similar in principle to the selection and rejection of doodles.

Morphological exploration is introduced through a slow computing paradigm. Accordingly, the sessions have two parallel components: a critical inquiry into the theory, and a hands-on exercise that develops a full range of computational techniques. Finally, a short design problem is introduced, for

which the concepts developed by the participants are explored and optimised. Rhino and Grasshopper plug-in, which provides an intuitive and graphic interface for creating parametric models from simple relationships between objects, are used as a medium for exercises.