Navigating through the CEPT campus

by: Namrata Toraskar, Rajvi Patel, Aditi Agarwal, Yusuf Chiniwala
Instructors: Rishav Jain, Kathan Kothari
22 September 2017

The exhibition ‘Aapnu CEPT’ presents a story of activities in CEPT University campus in the traditional folk art style of ‘Mata ni Pachedi’. Historically associated with the nomadic Vaghari community of Gujarat, these fabric paintings based on the theme of the mother Goddess have been used as their shrine for ages. Through the map, the exhibit provides an explicit visual counterpart to the implicit spatial narrative of the campus and the life of the students within it. Its collaterals include signages of the various spaces within the campus, a campus tour map handout for new visitors in the campus and a characterization of the five faculties of CEPT University.

While generating its contemporary interpretative version, the challenge of the project was to decode ‘Mata ni Pachedi’ in its constituencies with respect to the composition, colour balance, visual density etc. Also, its usage as a campus tour handout demanded a visual narration that can be universally interpreted by the students as well as the outsiders visiting the campus.