Palm to Palm

Workshop, Winter School 2015
Instructors: Rachita Sareen, Nereus Drego, Mann Singh
30 April 2016

This workshop endeavored to re-look at the coconut palm in a contemporary context and refresh its reputation as a zero waste, high utility natural resource.

The 10 day long workshop focused on developing products using various parts of the coconut palm such as, coconut wood, coir, palm fronds, coconut shells, etc. using different techniques in carpentry, weaving, inlaying, etc. The workshop was a hands on approach where students conceptualized ideas that combine various parts of the coconut tree and created products that are relevant to present day users. These ideas were then realized through the making of full scale prototypes.

Students: Neha Panchal, Archita Bandyopadhyay, Manish Bokdia, Nikhil Dayanand, Sowjanya Harinarayan, Rajvi Amrelia, Akhil Gajjar, Niranjan N. B., Ajinkya Deshpande, Elsa Thomas, Radhika Nagargoje, Bhagyashri Nene, George B Thachil, Stalin K Oommen, Siddharth Kantharia, Brijain Mistry, Nareshkumar K. M., Anant Behl, Kamna Vyas, Jainee Gusain

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