Postcards from Dzongu

SWS 2016
Instructors: Debasish Borah, Jagrut Raval
29 March 2017


To understand the Lepcha people in their own setting in Dzongu; learn, observe and get inspired from the way people live in the high tropical mountains. A personal approach to document a cultural landscape rich in natural heritage and inter-relationship of man & nature.


Personal accounts of everyday lives of people in Dzongu. The approach is to see, observe and learn from the mundane and regular. This output is the result of interviews, discussions, debates the students had with the Lepchas and amongst themselves.


by living with the highlanders.



DZONGU is a dense tropical forest region in North Sikkim inhabited by the Lepcha people; the original inhabitants of Sikkim. Postcards from Dzongu is a collection of personal memories and impressions gathered by a group of CEPT students.

These sketches and drawings subtly capture various facets of everyday lives of the Lepcha community – lives intrinsically linked with nature, a fading heritage, the after effects of demonetization, Buddism, agriculture and more.