Pune as a Smart City

by Adhishree Virkar, Chaitali Pathak, and Sayali Kale
Instructors: Saswat Bandyopadhyay and Sejal Patel
30 December 2015

The debates and discourses around ‘Smart Cities’ have been dominating many urban discourses in recent past. During this course the student sought meaningful pathways for India’s quest for Smart Cities development by geting introduced to best practices of Smart Cities around the globe and current Indian scenario for the Smart Cities paradigm.

In the final exercise, ‘Bloom Beyond Bloomberg’,  students in groups selected one city of the 98 cities shortlisted by Government of India. They analyzed the city based on identified parameters and existing profiles. The next stage involved preparing a Smart City proposal with set vision and objectives that reflect ideas of retrofitting, redevelopment and pan city initiatives. Further, frameworks to implement these proposals were also discussed.

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