Renzo Piano Building Workshop Competition 2017

Winning entry by Adnan Makda
Jury Members: Surya Kakani, Sachin Soni, Pranav Raiji; coordinator: Sankalpa; student observers: Surabhi Khanderia, Naksha Satish
3 July 2017


T H E   D E S I G N   P R O B L E M


The campus office at CEPT intends to develop a two-story office cum pavilion space in the main main campus, close to the Administrative Office, adjoining the south lawn of 36 square metres.


The ground level largely ought to work like a pavilion space that may have flexible use. Proposed building needs to acknowledge the surrounding building as well as the existing landscape as a context in design. The building should be able to communicate the transient nature of the pavilion whereas a sense of work space for the campus office. Building should clearly express in every aspect your concept for the pavilion.  The vertical movement may remain within the given footprint or may be separately attached to the pavilion. All trees need to be preserved. You can site the building anywhere on the south lawn area. You can modify the south lawn area while siting the building.

U N D E R S T A N D I N G   T H E   C O N T E X T 
l o c a t i o n

The site is located at the south side of the campus. On the north side of the site is the admin office and the south facade of the studio which opens having fins. On the east side is the new library building. Hence it is not a good idea to place a structure which rises above the ground there which in turn will block visual connection between both the office. Also, the amount of completely open space is decreasing and hence we would not like to reduce that further.


c l a s h   i n   h i e r a r c h i e s

The admin block is at the end of the architectural block and it the functions higher in hierarchy like dean’s office, admin and faculty rooms. Created a block after this would negate this idea. Also, the architecture block importance in teams of architectural language it follows, and as an architect I would not like to compete with it nor the library building


l a n d s c a p e   t o p o g r a p h y

There is congestion between the SBST block and the library and the south lawns along with it. Lowering the site from the south will help reduce this congestion. The exit of the library and the tilt of the fin suggest the moment/circulation of people hence the campus office is placed near the admin block.

Southern heat – southern heat further justifies the reason to move the building down.


t h e   j o u r n e y

The lawn demands a roofing device for at various functions. This need to be in temporary in nature as we open to sky space and such a device would need occasionally and not at all times of the day. The form of the roof should be such that it can it should direct the movement/circulation of people in a certain direction as well as take sun path in consideration.

T H E   P R O P O S A L

Designing a roof in a way that it is made from modules that students themselves can assemble. Also, the same module can be use to create temporary partition wall.

By applying the digital age(language) of architecture as it would complete the journey from modern to post-modern to a digital age to architecture and CEPT campus as well. It would also show that CEPT as a university has history as well as a capability to competing with current trend and future.