Designing Amidst Historical Multiplicities

by: Keshava Narayan
Instructor : Urvi Desai
31 August 2017

Studio brief – to design a school for secondary education (grades VIII, IX and X) in the erstwhile princely town of Dhrangadhra, which is at the edge of the Rann of Kachchh. The school is to be built as an extension to a previously existing higher secondary school on the site (grades XI and XII).

This project is conceived with an attempt to respect the existing historical school campus by not following the existing language of the school but by contrasting the same. The project explores usage of stone and fly ash bricks in a manner different from the existing school campus. It also explores to rejuvenate the school as a celebrated daily public space, which can be used by the community after school hours – a sore necessity in our changing urbanized life. The key considerations in the project has been to integrate the different parts of the campus built across different time periods so as to communicate it as a whole through visual and spatial connections, and to leave the land free for communal spaces. 

NOTE – The historical city is marred by the presence of DCW factory which produces fly ash as waste. Hence fly ash brick is used as one of the building materials in the project.