The Hands

Instructors: Darshan Soni, Ujjval Panchal
30 October 2015

During this course we got introduced to various techniques and mediums as a way to represent ideas in a more effective way. One of the exercises that were part of this course was ‘HANDS’.
We selected a subject, be it any form or pattern, and represented it through the composition of one’s hands.

The formations, movements and postures of the hands are a lot more nuanced, intuitive and expressive. This allowed bypassing the need for insight into the ‘medium’ and the students were purely engaged in the process of understanding and representing the ‘subject’. It also widened the perspective of the scale, the texture and patterns of the hands.



Vaidehi Shah
Varun Shah
Nakul Shah
Kajol Brambhatt
Tanvi Patel
Dweeta dawda
Nishi Lal


Divya Mehra
Niharika Jadav
Harsh Panchal
Keshav Akkitham
Vaibhavi Dave

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