The Makings of the Goan House

Winter School 2016
Instructors: Aditi Vashisht, Sneha Puri, Divij Shukla
15 June 2017

This winter school focuses on studying the elements- architectural, socio-cultural and geographical that influence the Goan house form and the life inside these houses. This study was limited to the Northern region of Goa with towns surrounding Panjim.



The study started with understanding the composition and dynamics of streets in Fontainhas, Panjim and the play at eye level in the streets of Ribandar. Furthermore, houses with interesting elements and features like unique windows or balconies, approach from the road, immediate context etc., were sketched and documented to understand the diversity in the otherwise similar looking house forms.

As part of the study five different types and scales of house forms were selected, a Hindu house with a courtyard, a village house, a small Portuguese mansion, an Indo-Portuguese house and a recently restored Goan house, parts of which were measure drawn by students. Models were later made in order to translate the understanding of spatial compositions and characteristics of elements in the making of these spaces.