The Utopian Ideal

by George Verghese
Instructors: Mehrnaz Amiraslani, Melissa Smith, Shweta Ranpura, Mansi Shah, Narendra Mangwani, Hélène Thébault
27 November 2017

This studio was the second in a foundation year course for bachelor students in urban design. This semester introduced students to methods of design thinking by taking them through distinct design processes, each which took a particular approach to address a different element or scale in the urban environment. The first semester focused on mapping, recording, and introducing students to visual culture. 

This project takes up the case of agriculture as the primary economic activity of rural India. It begins by establishing the direct dependence of farmers on agriculture as their means of livelihood, followed by establishing the indirect dependence of the urban community on it. The project attempts to use form as an expression to host agriculture in the urban realm, while also acting as a node for the neighbourhood.