Towards A Collaborative Design

Instructor: Mehrnaz Amiraslani
21 October 2015

This exercise was the first step in the process of a collaborative design/planning exercise. It helped us engage with the end user, as well as practice how/when this learning can inform the process of designing.
The time problem was to design a discussion place for the students on CEPT campus. We imagined ourselves as a group of students, a group of faculty members, and a group of managing body of the university. All three groups were to consider students as the end users of the space.


To understand the concerns of the groups we had taken roles of (students, faculty, and management), we met and discussed with a few members of these groups. We learnt they all had different concerns from us as designers/planners. We then interviewed students as the end users; interestingly they also had different concerns from us the designers of the space. We tried to understand and accommodate their requirement, preferences, and concerns in the process of design. Our basic requirement included selecting a site and mentioning intended quality of space.

Faculty-role group:

Srinavya Annem
Archana Vittal
Sweta Delwadia
Tejas Patel
Himani Yadav

Management-role group:

Yash Barot
George Thachil
Manushi Bhatt
Dhaval Patel
Archa Patel
Yogesh Dagadu
Prachi Bandal
Saloni Goyal

Students-role group:

Sneh Salot
Tanya Shah
Shrujal Patel
Swati Delwadia
Vishwa Mistry
Neha Modi
Kushal Dagli
Aashna Desai

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