Understanding Contemporary Public Life

by Bhoomika Brahmbhatt, Aleksi Javakhishvili, and Giuseppe Brunelli
Instructors: Sachin Soni, Giulia Setti
16 May 2016

This Winter School course aimed at widening the design and critical thoughts on the relationship between public spaces and cities, and about social and morphological connections that these spaces generate.

In the second part, the course concentrated on recent public spaces in Ahmedabad to understand contemporary public life in the city. Students drew lessons from their studies and documentation of quality of space and the relevant factors and concluded in recommendations for improving the quality of life in these public spaces.

This study of Bhadra square tries to address the hypothesis that the density of pedestrians is higher on the southern side of the square. To discover the factors, the students have studied and documented northern and southern side of the square through mapping:

  • people and vehicles (moving and stationary)
  • properties and changes in edges
  • shaded areas
  • available width
  • smell
  • different selling activities