A Graphic Novel on Pahadis of Kullu

by Namrata Toraskar
Instructor: Dr. Seema Khanwalkar
17 January 2018

The isolated villages along the Parvati naui or river in Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh have empirically and un-selfconsciously fostered their traditions, livelihoods, and architecture in harmony with the ecological conditions around them. Many such settlements can be found in the villages like Grahan, Tosh, Barsheni, Nakhthan along Parvati river. In order to cope up with the rising demands of consumerism, the last five years have seen a tremendous rise in the hardships faced by the local communities of Parvati Valley due to rampant narcotic and tourist activities.

This semi-fictional graphic novel attempts at presenting the ethnographic life of the Pahadis of Parvati valley. This small work is majorly in response to the crux of the two developmental models proposed for villages in the valley- one indigenous and self-sustaining, and the other modern and large-scale. It thus narrates the story of environmental, social & livelihood aspects of these villages and the upcoming Pahadi lives in a new and revelatory light.