Is Participatory Planning working for the Urban Poor?

An MURP student's paper selected for the 6th National Seminar on Architecture for Masses

Participatory planning is being used as a word of fantasy wherein the community has no role to play. This encourages dissatisfaction amongst the people and they lack a feeling of responsibility & ownership of the plan.

Prof. Alain Bertaud on Markets and Design

The lecture talked about the important role that urban planners should play

Cities are labour markets. If we accept this premise, only then can efficient urban planners enter. I am well aware that every year I’m learning more about the city. It changes every year; and you have to adapt to it.

Shaping Canadian Modernity

George Kapelos on 'Indian Architects and the 1958 Competition for Toronto’s New City Hall and Square'; part of the FA Lecture Series

The traditionally apologetic feeling of Torontonians about their city has been noticeably changed after this generous work at their hearts.

Interviews with Experts in Geospatial Technologies

National Symposium on Industry-Academia Collaboration for Geospatial Technologies at CEPT University

...whether you join the private industry, a business organization, your own startup or work as a researcher/academic, keep in mind that Earth Observation and Geospatial Technologies are primarily to preserve the earth and make this world a safer and better place...

Making of the Mahatma

Faculty of Architecture

An inquiry in the case of Kochrab Ashram, Ahmedabad, a lesser known place in the history of India's independence that may have had a critical role to play as a 'place' in the 'making of Mahatma Gandhi'

Architecture Response-ibility and Housing

Seminar and Panel Discussion on the role and responsibility of architects in mainstream housing today

It is a misunderstanding that affordability or access to affordable housing is a problem only in developing countries. It is a global problem.