CEPT Portfolio is a digital platform for students of CEPT University to curate and displays their academic projects every semester. The idea is to provide all students, academic staff or visiting faculty, the opportunity to build official portfolios during their academic term at the University. The uniqueness of CEPT Portfolio is that it enables the university to link individual projects to the faculty profiles of instructors to build a creative repository of student work mentored by them. 

All the five faculties have their studios classified thematically for smooth navigation and richer user experience.

Since its launch on 6th December 2016, CEPT Portfolio was restricted to internal stakeholders only. Today, it is open to everyone who wants to know, see and get inspired by the work done in this university. This portfolio hopes to celebrate fineness, effort, and creativity and showcase the excellent work done in the University. Going forward, this will be a permanent archive that will keep expanding in dimensions with time.

Contact us through portfolio@cept.ac.in

Disclaimer: All data uploaded on CEPT Portfolio is entirely academic and is protected by copyright, trademark and other intellectual property laws, as well as international conventions and the laws of other countries. Please refer to the Intellectual Property Notice on our website for further details. All data is uploaded by students and faculty and best effort has been made to ensure that the work is the author's own, unless otherwise specified. No unattributed material is displayed on the website. If it comes to your attention, please let us know. Appropriate remedial action will be taken.

All data belongs to © CEPT University