Kinjal Ilesh Parikh

UG - BID - Studio - 8


CHHAPA is an Ahmedabad based upcoming organic brand that works majorly with traditional Block Printing. The ideology of CHAPPA is to rejuvenate and encourage the traditional art of Hand Dying and Block Printing which is dying each day due to the advancement in technology. Thus from the raw material to the final product every process done is completely organic. CHHAPA : The Project is an amalgamation of three aspects of the brand : Design, Manufacture and Retail. It focusses on following targets :1. Promoting the “Organic” and “Eco-friendly” nature of the CHHAPA products 2. Providing a self-sufficient in-house environment for the brand. 3. Involving the users in maximum possible stages of product making. 4. Personalizing the brand for every customer 5.Acknowledging the customers regarding the entire process through which any CHHAPA product goes through 6. Creating a retail atmosphere such that it leaves an impact on every visitor

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