Mansi Suthar

UG - Studio - 9

Place for metal art, Workshop at Dudheshwar

Metal art sculptures have been popular in India since ancient times. Sculpture artists in India have been successfully making fine pieces of art work using this material, be it steel, bronze, copper or iron. There is only a hand-ful of people who can work with this medium and are aware of this practice. Dudheshwar, an industrial suburb of the city of Ahmedabad, is located on the east bank of the river Sabarmati. The predominant function of the neighbourhood is to deal with fabrications of metal for diverse purposes. With increasing importance to fabrication in the contemporary context, the proposed project encapsulates the neighbourhood and its activities to act as an interface between metal artisans, designers and clients. It explores and attempts an architectural language that develops its vocabulary from the process of metal art making.

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