Rao Roshni Kamalkant

UG - Studio - 9

KSD . Design school

 Located: Nandoli, Ahmedabad, Gujarat.
Converting a built form used as a Primary school from (kindergarten to 4th grade) to a Design school (degree course for four years ). The Built form has a ground floor and a semi-basement providing 1700 SQM area in total. The existing site has series of cottage house structures defined as different blocks. Design school is located at vivekanandan block. This block has three sub-blocks. One as a west facing cottage house structure, another one as a north facing cottage house structure and third as connecting space between two cottage house blocks. Both the cottage house is following the same language to the rest of the campus blocks in terms of the shape and sizes of openings but the roofing material is different as the other blocks are with Mangalore clay ties wherein these blocks have a corrugated tin roof as it was constructed later on the campus.

Report Content

Design Process

Basement Plan

Ground Floor Plan

Sectional Perspective Following section line AA

Section CC

Section DD

Exploded Iso showing each layers with details and specifications.

View 1:Studio space on ground floor

View 3: Studio space on mezzanine floor

Through the cuboid From ground to sky!