Patel Yesha Dinubhai

UG - Studio - 9

Pentaflex Film LLP. (Factory office interior)

 The site is located at the outskirts of vadasar village.Site is sourounded by fields and other factories.Also there are some residential blocks. There are two entries to the compound of is used by all kind of users of factory and second is mainly used by trucks to unload raw material.for labours there is a separate entry from back you enter from main gate there is security cabin at right side .Then there is main production shed in the center of the site which is surrounded by other blocks.from right to left office block,raw material storage,labour entry block,printing shed,product storage,dispatch area.There is a shed for trucks to unloading raw material attach to the raw material storage. Overall building is mix of dry and wet construction. Building have various heights according to the function of the areas.  

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climatic condition

existing site


interior of existing building

factory office interior proposed