Aanshi Sheth


Nar - Nari

This studio aimed at developing a travelling exhibition of the vernacular furniture.The theme of the  exhibition was Nar - Nari. The idea of the theme was to explore the power of both man and woman i.e. the power of duality. The purpose behind this theme was to break the conception of people who think men to be more powerful than women. In today’s world , both men and women are more on the same page in terms of leadership, making sound decisions for a company, positioning and so on compared to the past. 

Report Content

Object research

Curatorial note and theme poster

Cards: Each card consists information about the exhibit and its correspondence with the theme.

Curatorial sequence: It tells the sequence of the exhibits and gives a vague idea about the micro-enviornment created around each exhibit.

Spatial configuration: It shows experimentation of different configurations before selecting the final one.

Exhibition layout

Experiencing the exhibition

Exhibition flier

Exhibition flier: Gives a brief idea behind the theme, the exhibits, curatorial sequence, final configuration and the installations.

Site model scale: 1:100