Shah Dhwani Mehul


Re- Contained Past

The project focused on exhibition of vernacular furniture in the shipping containers. The exhibition had a theme developed by the individual and according to the theme the vernacular furniture was chosen  across Gujarat and Rajasthan from the researched performed by DICRC . Different configurations were performed for the shipping containers and placed on the site; RIVERFRONT EVENT CENTER.The theme  that my exhibition focused on was : ATITHI furniture used to welcome.  

Report Content

EX 1: FURNITURE RESEARCH research on bankdo we had seen in Chota Udaipur

EX 1: FURNITURE RESEARCH research on granary we had seen in Chota Udaipur

EX 2: POSTER the poster is focussing on what to expect from the exhibition

EX 3: CATALOG CARDS There are 12 furniture in exhibition . Each card has infomation of one furniture.

EX 4 : CURATORIAL SEQUENCE The sheet explains the order and environment one is looking for in this exhibition

EX 5: SPATIAL CONFIGURATION This sheet has different configuration of shipping containers.

EX 6 : EXHIBITION LAYOUT This is the plan worked out after working of different spatial arrangements.

EX 7: EXPERIENCING THE EXHIBITION this is an iso plain showing the sequence and order and circulation on the site.

Ex8 : Pamphlet This is a small foldout giving all information on exhibition of ATITHI