Barot Priva M


Warp And Weft Of Life

The importance of furniture and objects which are used in our daily lives are always taken for granted. The furniture made from the material available in local areas and intended for everyday use. It is made in countries throughout the world, for use by nomadic and settled people in rural and urban communities. Essentially such furniture reflects the direct needs of ordinary people’s domestic and non - domestic lives. Vernacular furniture is thus, a part of culture of various communities and its place and function. A shipping container is a container with strength suitable to withstand shipment storage and handling. Shipping containers range from large reusable sheet box used for intermodal shipments to the ubiquitous corrugated boxes. In the context of international shipping trade. A container is designed to be moved from one mode of transport to another without unloading and reloading. The story behind the theme “ weft and warp “ of life is about the culture and family who engage themselves into weaving and making furniture pieces / objects which are used in everyone’s daily routine. In any house of urban area or rural area one would always find a system or hierarchy which will be followed for placement of every objects in the house. As the weave gives the strength to the object structurally the way interlocking happens for the objects. The placement of objects in the house is also extremely important. The exhibition is about the vernacular furniture found in Gujarat. The main focus is for the objects made by weaving or where weaving plays an important role and also it is conveyed through the placement which also plays an important role for the objects and its cultural beliefs. The audience will be taken in such pathway where they will go through the objects with the experience of the house all the way from entry till the exit. The hierarchy of the objects and the person of the house and will also know about all old beliefs and culture which is still followed in villages which are not found in the cities nowadays. “A small walk of experience to olden days with contemporary environment.”

Report Content

The studio started with the object research of vernacular furniture.

Then we decided upon the themes for the exhibitions.

The objects that falls under the theme were selected from all the types of furniture.

The sequence for the objects were decided as per the theme and the walk through for audience.

The spatial configuration with the containers for exhibition layout.

The final layout after the configuration walk way through exhibition.

The experience inside the exhibition.

Site model with the context of riverfront.

The flyer for the audience to walk through the exhibition.

The flyer for the audience to walk through the exhibition.