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Shah Khant Jayeshkumar


Aquatics Gallery- Science City, Ahmedabad

The project under study is first of its kind in India, having underground aquarium tunnels which will house over 400 marine species including sharks. This study is an attempt to understand the way projects are planned, monitored and executed with control. The study involves observation, analyses, and application of the practices that are used on the site and also, the practices that may seem desirable to ensure safe and sound working methods on the site and that creates value to the management system. The study also aims to understand the basic planning of Aquatics Gallery, Science City, Ahmedabad.

Report Content

Project Brief- Construction of Aquatics Gallery at Science city

Plant and Machinery- Owning and operating cost calculation of Ace Mobile tower crane 2.5 T

Plant and Machinery- Owning and Operating cost calculation of 90 T truck mounted crane

Job hazard analysis using on site methodology and OSHA guidelines

Project tracking by Earned value analysis

Delay analysis of excavation works and calculation of the cost performance index

Planned and achieved value of the project till date and comparison of results obtained by using various planning techniques

Management information system and proposed value driver report

Lean concept: Value stream mapping of site activity, identification of waste and reducing the non-value adding activities