Aathira Sathish Kumar


Aquatics Gallery- Science City

The project under study is first of its kind in India, having underground aquarium tunnels which will house over 400 marine species including sharks. This study is an attempt to understand the way projects are planned, monitored and executed with control. The study involves observation, analyses, and application of the practices that are practiced on the site and also, the practices that may seem desirable to ensure safe and sound working methods on the site and that creates value to the management system. Data has been obtained from the site with due permissions and assumptions are stated, wherever they apply. The study also aims to understand the basic planning of Aquatics Gallery, Science City, Ahmedabad. 

Report Content

Introduction to the project.

Project site analysis and Google Sketchup walk-through screenshots.

Level of Development- One month lookahead of LOD requirement and sample- LOD 200 of the project.

PNM insurance at site and comparison of coverage offered by various market competitors for the same.

Control chart- Concrete cube test.

Control chart- Filled density.

Pareto Chart and Ishikawa Diagram.

Histogram charts and one month look-ahead of the project - Sketchup simulation.

Line of Balance chart prepared for 36 Column casting.

Conclusion (1/4)