Jadhav Ajay Suresh Dipa


The Statue of Unity Project

The Statue of Unity Project is a tribute to the Iron Man of our Nation, "Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel". The Project comprises a Statue of Sardar Patel standing 182 metres tall which will be the World's tallest statue once it is completed. Other infrastructure facilities like convention centre, visitors' centre, main connecting bridge and service buildings are a part of the Project. The statue core is made up of RCC core walls and bronze is being used as a cladding material. The statue is being constructed on an island in the river bed of Narmada, 3.5 kms downstream of Sardar SarovarDam.

Report Content

Introduction of the Project

Root Cause Analysis of Precast Girder Failure

Cost of Quality for Precast Girder

Statistical Quality Control

Labour Productivity

Line of Balance Technique

Material Management (A-B-C & H-M-L)

Value Driver Technique

Last Planner Technique