Anushka Vishwanatha Reddi


Purpose of Architecture

The studio encouraged observing architecture keenly, learning from it, and representing what we see and imagine through writing, visuals, comic strips, miniatures, etc. Observe. Visualize. Communicate. Looking into things deeply, curiosity about surrounding, referencing and getting inspired by legends. Through weekly exercises in the first half of the semester rising in scale from house to the city scale, ideas were generated from issues in the surrounding and respond to it effectively, considering factors affecting the built environment. In the second half, we looked at intangible facets of architecture and represented them through line drawings showing our interpretations of them.

Report Content

Depicting internal space

Depicting immediate surroundings

Represent text through visuals

Miniature drawing

Comic strip from home to CEPT

Manifesto, Essay on Veranda

Visual Concerns

Process towards final exercise

Final drawing : FORM

Final drawing : DENSITY