Arkid Bhandari


Flexibility in 21st century school design

To design a vertical space dividing system that will dissolve the boundaries between the different spaces in a primary school, thus promoting an overall collaborative learning experience.The final design has 4 different types of modules namely,  Display and storage module ,Module with interactive games, Display module,Module with fold out furnitures. Out of these modules the client can choose any number of modules of any type to meet his requirements. Every module is centrally pivoted , which can be rotated to al the modules parallel to each other , thus joining the two classes. Even in open situation , the features of the modules can be easily accessed.

Report Content

How the product operates and how it can be customized ?

Why someone should choose the product ?

Adjustments for different site conditions and class sizes.

Module 1 details

Module 2 details

Modules 3 details

Modules 4 details

Modules 5 details

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