Raul Raj S


ALU desk

A desk for contemporary house. The start point of ALU is the material (aluminium). Aluminium is a man made material and is very industrial. Aluminium comes in different form and it is explored with different processes like forging, beating, bending etc... ALU is designed with aluminium as a basic material. The square bar is bent along the edge, which forms the frame of the desk. The desk is cantilevered on one side and forms an asymmetric structure. The top comes with three options of bottom texture colored glass, bent plywood and aluminium sheet with forged and hand beaten texture.
 The joinery is sand casted and has a form designed to fit both the square bar to the top and the cross junction. This sand casted aluminium fixture becomes the heart of the desk and is taken forward for system thinking. The storage is done with aluminium extrusion with an outer sheet metal panel. The outer panel of the storage is hand beaten to create texture. The desk can be assembled and transported with different components together and can be disassembled when needed.    

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case study - home

Three iconic desk

Conoid desk drawings

Brief and Ideation


aluminium exploration


material and assembly exploration

exploded view

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