Badgujar Madhuja Shantaram


Chaise lounge Chair with Ottoman

Reimagining the design language of Wegner’s lounge chair in a way that the form of it represents a bold linework. The design is proposed for a small living space and should include a footstool. Based on the inclusive design, the lounge chair should also cater the idea of a daybed.
QUALITATIVE REQUIREMENTS: -Flexible ....different people can use it in different ways. -Porous material for backrest and seat ....for the neutral thermal effect on the body of the user. -Resilience in material for backrest and seat ....resilience increases comfort. -Safe ....mechanisms should be safe for the users and the kids. -Accommodating ....for all people regardless of their age, gender. -Convenient ....everyone can use it without much effort. -Hardware ....should not disturb the look of the design.  

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