Kirti Jalan


Flexible soft surface

Started with an idea of innovating typical Indian mattress design and went on to design a surface that went beyond serving as a sleeping surface. It can be thrown on a table, a chair, used as upholstery, made a pouf or simply used as a surface to sleep. It’s entirely handmade in cotton, retaining the aesthetics of traditional Indian cotton mattress. It is light in weight and easy to handle. The process of manufacturing initiates hands on work which establishes employment and encourages Make in India. In this iteration, a chair frame is made which is minimalistic in order to create more emphasis on its upholstery. The seat and back is woven which therefore allows the user to use it without upholstery too. 

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case study 1

case study 2

design opportunity

iconic pieces

working drawing

design iteration 1

design iteration 2,3


final concept 1

final concept 2