Faculty: Purvi Bhatt | Amit Gotecha | Umesh Shurpali | Bhargav Adhvaryu | Narendra Mangwani | Jignesh Mehta | Brijesh Bhatha

Urban Place Making Studio

The studio will focus on the design of urban spaces integrating the aspects of urban form making and public place design. The design problem will explore the development potential of an open urban land in a city through design of a new neighbourhood. Through their design projects, students will explore the approaches to neighbourhood design with a focus on contextual relevance, master plan framework, urban block strategies, character of urban form, building typologies and population densities. The concept and design resolution of a public place will be a significant component of the studio project outcome. The issues of liveability, safety, legibility, imageability, diversity, and environmental sustainability will be some of the recurrent themes discussed in context of each individual design proposal. Studio assumes the site to be under single ownership where students will assume the role of an urban designer working for the local government to design this project.