Vankadari Venkata Ratna Kishore



PROBLEM - STATEMENT for the Design Studio: My role is to design the Structure along with a reliable solution. The following are the summary of the present project and my role in the design of that particular Structure. G-10 storeys RCC building EWS Housing type-2 Low sector Housing.#Provision of separation joint in the building#Suggesting alternatives for a possible location of separation joint. #Analysing all building parts separated by joints and calculating   the required separation joint. # Modifying the structural system in such a way that separation joint is    150 mm only.# Preparing various alternatives for details of treating separation     joints. # Checking the effect of consideration of reduced MOI on      requirements of separation joint.

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About Problem Statement

Initial Structural System

Static Check & Base Shear

Storey Drift Check

About the problem

Behind the Provision

Resolving problem for model-1

Resolving problem for model-2

Final Structural System

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