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Shah Pooja Rameshbhai


Structural Design of G+7 High Rise Building (RCC)

The objective of the project is to perform structural analysis and design of G+7 Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC) structure.Problem statement of this project is comparison between SMRF(Special Moment Resisting Frame) and Shear Wall system such that 90% or more lateral load is taken by shear wall in long rectangular building with uneven distribution of stiffness in both the directions.Two separate models are prepared to compare the seismic behavior of building.Displacements are also checked for both the individuals.

Report Content

Cover Page and Architectural Plan

Structural System & Static Check

Base Shear Calculation (G+15)

Deflected shape of column & iterations for storey drift

Observation and shear wall location in plan & elevation

Moment Diagram & Deflection Diagram

Storey Shear & its Distribution

Base Shear Calculation for both systems (G+7)

Iterations for storey drift

Final Summary