Faculty: Mitesh Panchal | Anagha Joshi

TA: Harsh Chauhan

Learning Spaces: beyond schooling

Walking in the streets of our locality we often don’t realize what public spaces we have around us, why are we searching for a park when we are trying to find a green space to walk on? Or why don’t we usually know the different learning or activity spaces around us? Is it because we cannot relate to them physically? Or because they are inaccessible? In the time of pandemic, one would have realized the importance to optimize the resources and make them as multifunctional as possible.

The Learning spaces – schools, colleges and educational system are suffering a lot currently. With time, the views on educational Systems “school” have been changing and now are the time to make them into informal learning spaces – which are beyond the basic learning needs.

The Studio focused on learning spaces which are beyond schooling “multifunctional”, that have the potential to become the centre in the neighbourhood. Learning spaces were designed for 5 to 15 years age group. The sites were located in urban and semi-urban areas of the immediate Locality of Individual.

Through this studio, students understood the scale and proportion of the required functions in the Learning spaces. It helped them to design spaces with climatic concerns and appropriate construction technology, structural system & material order. Student’s explored the Multi-functional aspect of neighborhood spaces which are accessible by all.

program making

site context & spatial organisation

built context & environment

construction & climate

discussion development & documentation