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Jayati Anand Kishor Misra


Aapni Dhani - Developing an equitable housing society

The project evolves from the everyday; economic polarity is increasing every day. While rich will keep becoming richer, is there a way, through architecture, poor can also lead a better life, live in better homes and earn better. The project is an attempt to cater to these issues a) by developing new ideas of limiting a housing project with respect to the availability of scarce resources; b) by making use of the local as well as more advanced construction techniques and materials, ; an architecture on the threshold of economics and quality of spaces.

Report Content

Assignment 01: Understanding an architectural Manifesto

Assignment 02: Decoding the systems: Analysis of an architectural work

Assignment 03: Resilience - Fragile Ecosystems

Design Project: Introduction

Context Studies

Initial design thoughts

Site Planning

Cluster Planning

Unit Planning

Profit Calculations & Epilogue