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Aswin Senthil


Angaadi - Catch of the Day - Fish Market, Chennai

Foreshore Estate in Chennai was a series of fishing hamlets that was developed into housing board apartments. The fisherfolk were pushed to the urban fringes of the city and were alienated. The program and design intend to synergize the community with the rest of the city. The architecture was viewed as an open framework that does not dictate or propose any ideological belief system but rather encourages diverse human behaviours to engage with undefined and blurred boundaries.
Angaadi: A Tamil word denoting market but with a web-like ecosystem of interdependencies.
Access full portfolio here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qx2AThZiVBbGVFvtcPRoOJTtAS0_Mw8V/view?usp=sharing

Report Content

Understanding an Architectural Manifesto

Decoding the Systems: Analysis of an Architectural Work

Resilience: Time Problem

Position Paper

Foreshore Estate: Study

Angaadi: Design Program and Intent

Angaadi: Fish Market

Angaadi: Food Park

Angaadi: Toilets, Auction Area and Temple

Angaadi: Skill Development Center and Nodes of Synthesis