Karthik Nakkana


Meri Gali Mai_center for neighborhood

The concerns of the site play hugely into the everyday of the residents of the society and pedestrians in general. The site lies at the core of the the area which acts as an access point to all the transit hubs including the metro and the ISBT hence the regions connection to the city/livelihood. Public land masquerading as a private function is problematic and hence needs an intervention to go back to its democratic routes. Hence the happening of the site play hugely into achieving the said goals and thereby effecting the EVERYDAY as a whole.

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EXCERCISE 1: Understanding an architectural manifesto

Decoding the Systems: Analysis of an architectural work

Resilience - Time problem

Essay compiling thoughts on readings and seminars

Site analysis

Analysis and approach

Design Proposal

Community center _design proposal

The thoroughfare detail_design proposal

Parking slivers detail_design proposal